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We can fix that!

Here is by no way a complete list of our tailoring and sewing services:


Clothes Alterations & Repairs

Trousers and Jeans

Shorten jeans Half pocket
Shorten plain trouser Full pocket
Shorten and turn up Reseat
Shorten with vent Hook and bar
Lengthen false hem Split seam
Taper jeans Relined
Taper legs Relined crotch
Jean waist Tape
Waist reduce or let out Repair pocket edge

Shirts, Blouses and Casual Tops

Shorten hem Alter side seams
Shorten sleeves Alter at shoulder

Dresses and Skirts

Shorten plain skirt Relined
Shorten vented skirt Lift shoulder
Shorten pleated skirt Adjust strap
Lengthen false hem Repair vent
Reduce side seam Re-hem
Reduce side seam with zip Button hole each
Reduce waist Take in under arm
Reduce waist with zip Take in under arm with zip
New waist elastic

Jackets and Coats

Shorten jacket/coat Take in or let out side seams
Shorten plain sleeves Take in or let out back seams
Shorten vented sleeves Half pocket
Lengthen sleeves false hem Full pocket
Relining jacket/coat Elbow patches

Zips and Extras

Jean zips Replace zip (zip supplied)
Trouser/skirt zips Tailoring with darts
Anorak zips Buttons, hooks and eyes, poppers etc.
Dress zips Invisible zips


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