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A great looking shirt can boost your confidence. When you take the time to hone your professional skills, invest in good clothing, and depend on first impressions – don’t show up in a poorly finished shirt, hoping no one will notice 3 broken buttons, a shiny collar, and dull colours, because everyone notices.

Riverdale Cleaners’ Shirt Service has you covered.

Don’t take your shirts to the dry cleaner, ever, even if they are laundered – you know they will be ruined eventually. Your local dry cleaner tries to crank out as many shirts as possible, in the least amount of time – how do you think he survives when they charge $2.99? Chances are, your cleaner is playing a volume game, and cutting corners, or every corner in many cases. Have you noticed your buttons seem to break often? You have noticed your collars get shiny, and crunchy at the seams. Your cuffs begin to wear down, and never seem really clean, and let’s not even begin to describe the atrocities committed on French cuffs. Have you put your elbow through your sleeve? Your dry cleaner is murdering your shirts.

A fair quality shirt should continue to look good even after weekly wear for about two years. The equipment your dry cleaner uses to dry and finish your shirts is frying your garments. This press is often too hot, and applies too much pressure. This burning is what gives your collar, and cuffs that annoying shine, they do the same to your suits too, but that will be covered in a different post.

At Riverdale Cleaners, we understand shirts. Wet cleaning is superior to dry cleaning, and regular laundering. For starters, we’re toxin free – there are no hydrocarbons in our process – but it is our finishing that really makes the product look its very best.Riverdale Cleaners' Shirt Service - Wet Cleaning Sparkles


How do we care for your shirts?

1. Inspection – we take a good look at your shirts when they come into the shop. We inspect the buttons (replace as required), and seams. We look for stains, and spots that need extra attention.
2. Pre-Process – shirts have their pockets turned out and dusted, and collar stays are removed and tracked.
3. Spot treatment – where needed, shirts are spot cleaned before regular cleaning, in this step we look after dirty cuffs and collars, and hunt down any blood, ink, food and drink stains for treatment.
4. Wet Cleaning – using a proprietary method, your clothes are cleaned using state of the art MIELE equipment, and some serious science. Wet cleaning is fresh, clean, and sanitary. **Bonus, we’re more energy efficient, we use less water, and the process is 100% toxin free.
5. Dry and Press – instead of cooking your shirts in a giant waffle iron (like your dry cleaner uses), we get that shirt into a form, and dry it with  warm air, and hand iron all of the details.
6. Inspection and Packaging – Now we replace your collar stays, re-check your buttons, snip loose threads, and ensure the shirt is clean, and creases are straight (and only one per arm). French cuffs are studded and all collars are correctly banded. Shirts are finally packed in degradable plastic – which you can put  safely in your green bin, or bring it back to us.
7. After care – we work to exceed your expectations, and stand by our work.


Riverdale Cleaners’ Professional Shirt Service is $6.65.

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