Professional Wet Cleaners - Dry Cleaning take to the next level.

We Just Try Harder Than Your Dry Cleaner

Riverdale Cleaners is the only 100% Toxin Free Cleaner in Toronto’s East-end. Professional wet cleaning is the most gentle way to care for your garments, it’s better for your clothes, your skin, and our staff. Solvent free wet cleaning is safe for all of your “dry clean” only garments.

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Why Us?

Riverdale Cleaners would love to have your business. Our goal is to provide the best cleaning, the best tailoring, and the best total garment care, while reducing our impact on the environment. Our “plastic wrap” is made from corn starch and needs 60 days in a landfill to disintegrate, but we can do better. When you use our Riverdale Cleaners convertible garment bag* the garment cover is built right in, so your bag is convertible into a garment bag, and you’ll help us keep 4 lbs out of the landfill each year (yay you!).

We cherish each and every customer, and plan on keeping your business, so every transaction is the most important one. You have already found our website, where you can book our complimentary delivery service, and learn about why we have chosen to go 100% Toxin Free.

Please let us know how we can continue to keep your business. Are there any new products you’d like us to research, or bring in house? Let us know!


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