Can you clean this? Turmeric on a new dress shirt.

A new customer came into the store last week with a tidy bundle of dress shirts. When I asked if there were any spots that may need attention, he handed me a twice-worn cotton dress shirt, it had very large, and very dark turmeric stains on the front, sleeve and cuffs. I think my customer thought the shirt was going to be a lost cause, or new rags for the car.

I had good news! Since we know the agent cause of the stain, we knew how to treat it, it took an overnight soak in a 100% toxin free solution of water and an enzyme. The shirt went into the wet cleaning machine the following morning, and came out looking clean. After hand finishing the shirt, we packed it up and waited for our customer to return. When I showed him that the stains were removed, I think he had a hard time believing it was his shirt!

When you have a laundry disaster, there are a few things you can do to mitigate the damage – for starters, don’t put it into the wash without treating it first, you could set in the stain. Put your garment in a bag, make note of what type of stain – food, wine, turmeric, piccalilli, give us a call, we’ll look after the rest, your garment can be clean again.

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