Riverdale Cleaners recognized as “2017 Green Business Leader” by TEA

We are very proud to be named a “2017 Green Business Leader” by Toronto Environmental Alliance, LiveGreen Toronto, CHEMTRAC, and the Ontario Trillium Foundation.  The path we have chosen on our small business path is not the easy one, we really do work our very hardest to keep our operation as low-impact on the environment as is possible. We also try our very best to provide a premium service, and friendly, on-point service. Thank you to our loyal customers, and to our new customers for the opportunity to earn your business.Riverdale Cleaners Green Business Leader Award





Riverdale Cleaners, Toronto’s #1 dry cleaner.

We don’t mind tooting our own horn from time to time. We have worked very hard to build an excellent reputation.Best Dry Cleaner in Toronto We respect our customers. We are professional wet cleaners, wet cleaning is the safest cleaning method, period, add in door to door pick up and delivery, we think this is a winning mix, beep beep! So, what makes Riverdale Cleaners the very best dry cleaner in Toronto? We’re not like any other cleaner in Toronto, safer cleaning, better service and we’re 100% non toxic.

Check out our reviews on Google, Yelp!, and YP.ca. There is more too, Google us!

Give us a call – 647-343-4494


Your cashmere deserves better!

Your regular or “organic” dry cleaner is killing your cashmere, you know it too, it has that “smell”, and feels gritty after they have dipped your beloved into that disgusting unclean solvent. It’s enough to make you feel lost in the woods. Fear no longer, and bring us your cashmere. Professional wet cleaning is like a spa day for your knitted softies. We carefully finish your fine cashmere garment so it goes back to you in perfect shape. We’ll even darn the holes. Get in here!

Shirt Service

A great looking shirt can boost your confidence. When you take the time to hone your professional skills, invest in good clothing, and depend on first impressions – don’t show up in a poorly finished shirt, hoping no one will notice 3 broken buttons, a shiny collar, and dull colours, because everyone notices.

Riverdale Cleaners’ Shirt Service has you covered.

Don’t take your shirts to the dry cleaner, ever, even if they are laundered – you know they will be ruined eventually. Your local dry cleaner tries to crank out as many shirts as possible, in the least amount of time – how do you think he survives when they charge $2.99? Chances are, your cleaner is playing a volume game, and cutting corners, or every corner in many cases. Have you noticed your buttons seem to break often? You have noticed your collars get shiny, and crunchy at the seams. Your cuffs begin to wear down, and never seem really clean, and let’s not even begin to describe the atrocities committed on French cuffs. Have you put your elbow through your sleeve? Your dry cleaner is murdering your shirts.

A fair quality shirt should continue to look good even after weekly wear for about two years. The equipment your dry cleaner uses to dry and finish your shirts is frying your garments. This press is often too hot, and applies too much pressure. This burning is what gives your collar, and cuffs that annoying shine, they do the same to your suits too, but that will be covered in a different post.

At Riverdale Cleaners, we understand shirts. Wet cleaning is superior to dry cleaning, and regular laundering. For starters, we’re toxin free – there are no hydrocarbons in our process – but it is our finishing that really makes the product look its very best.Riverdale Cleaners' Shirt Service - Wet Cleaning Sparkles


How do we care for your shirts?

1. Inspection – we take a good look at your shirts when they come into the shop. We inspect the buttons (replace as required), and seams. We look for stains, and spots that need extra attention.
2. Pre-Process – shirts have their pockets turned out and dusted, and collar stays are removed and tracked.
3. Spot treatment – where needed, shirts are spot cleaned before regular cleaning, in this step we look after dirty cuffs and collars, and hunt down any blood, ink, food and drink stains for treatment.
4. Wet Cleaning – using a proprietary method, your clothes are cleaned using state of the art MIELE equipment, and some serious science. Wet cleaning is fresh, clean, and sanitary. **Bonus, we’re more energy efficient, we use less water, and the process is 100% toxin free.
5. Dry and Press – instead of cooking your shirts in a giant waffle iron (like your dry cleaner uses), we get that shirt into a form, and dry it with  warm air, and hand iron all of the details.
6. Inspection and Packaging – Now we replace your collar stays, re-check your buttons, snip loose threads, and ensure the shirt is clean, and creases are straight (and only one per arm). French cuffs are studded and all collars are correctly banded. Shirts are finally packed in degradable plastic – which you can put  safely in your green bin, or bring it back to us.
7. After care – we work to exceed your expectations, and stand by our work.


Riverdale Cleaners’ Professional Shirt Service is $6.65.

Riverdale Cleaners' Shirt Service Delivers

Really, we actually deliver, and it's free.

Shedule Pick-up

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Can you clean this? Turmeric on a new dress shirt.

A new customer came into the store last week with a tidy bundle of dress shirts. When I asked if there were any spots that may need attention, he handed me a twice-worn cotton dress shirt, it had very large, and very dark turmeric stains on the front, sleeve and cuffs. I think my customer thought the shirt was going to be a lost cause, or new rags for the car.

I had good news! Since we know the agent cause of the stain, we knew how to treat it, it took an overnight soak in a 100% toxin free solution of water and an enzyme. The shirt went into the wet cleaning machine the following morning, and came out looking clean. After hand finishing the shirt, we packed it up and waited for our customer to return. When I showed him that the stains were removed, I think he had a hard time believing it was his shirt!

When you have a laundry disaster, there are a few things you can do to mitigate the damage – for starters, don’t put it into the wash without treating it first, you could set in the stain. Put your garment in a bag, make note of what type of stain – food, wine, turmeric, piccalilli, give us a call, we’ll look after the rest, your garment can be clean again.

Contact us today to have us look after the dirty work!

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Riverdale Cleaners - Professional Wet Cleaning and Valet, 746 Broadview Avenue, Toronto M4K2P1, Canada - Phone: 647-343-4494 Email: valet@bestlaundry.ca

The Tailor Shop

Riverdale Cleaners – Tailoring

We can fix that!

Here is by no way a complete list of our tailoring and sewing services:


Clothes Alterations & Repairs

Trousers and Jeans

Shorten jeans Half pocket
Shorten plain trouser Full pocket
Shorten and turn up Reseat
Shorten with vent Hook and bar
Lengthen false hem Split seam
Taper jeans Relined
Taper legs Relined crotch
Jean waist Tape
Waist reduce or let out Repair pocket edge

Shirts, Blouses and Casual Tops

Shorten hem Alter side seams
Shorten sleeves Alter at shoulder

Dresses and Skirts

Shorten plain skirt Relined
Shorten vented skirt Lift shoulder
Shorten pleated skirt Adjust strap
Lengthen false hem Repair vent
Reduce side seam Re-hem
Reduce side seam with zip Button hole each
Reduce waist Take in under arm
Reduce waist with zip Take in under arm with zip
New waist elastic

Jackets and Coats

Shorten jacket/coat Take in or let out side seams
Shorten plain sleeves Take in or let out back seams
Shorten vented sleeves Half pocket
Lengthen sleeves false hem Full pocket
Relining jacket/coat Elbow patches

Zips and Extras

Jean zips Replace zip (zip supplied)
Trouser/skirt zips Tailoring with darts
Anorak zips Buttons, hooks and eyes, poppers etc.
Dress zips Invisible zips